SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – A Defender Services security guard was fired last week after school officials said he left a gun in a student’s car.

According to Spartanburg School District Six, the guard arranged a private handgun sale to a fellow Defender employee who was working after school hours last Thursday at Dorman High School.

As part of the sale the guard reportedly placed the unloaded gun in what they thought was the buyer’s car, but mistakenly put it in a student’s vehicle instead.

The district said it learned of the mistake after a Dorman parent reported finding the gun in her son’s car.

The school district contacted law enforcement who investigated the incident. It was determined to be an accident and no laws were broken.

“However, based on the incident that took place District Six has determined that the Defender guard will no longer be allowed to work in the district,” said Cynthia Robinson, chief communications officer at the school district.