Series of BB gun shootings damage Upstate cars and buildings

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GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA)- The Greenville Police Department says 11 different BB gun shootings were reported across the city, damaging cars and buildings.

One of the buildings reported was Two Chefs on Main and Stone Ave.

Paula Catterall was eating dinner inside of two chefs Friday night when she heard a loud noise.

Catterall said, “At first we thought it was a crash that came from the kitchen because that’s kind of what you would expect in a restaurant.”

However, the loud noise wasn’t what she thought it was.

“Someone shot the window, and you know everybody in the restaurant, and there weren’t many of us, but it just went silent,” Catterall said.

Employee at Two Chefs, who asked to stay anonymous, said it was a shock, “”You could hear a pop and the entire window shattered.”

“Eventually everyone evacuated and thankfully no one was hurt.

They said, “Out of the ordinary, it’s not an everyday Friday occurrence. 24 years in the business and this is the first incident ever of this nature.”

They said they hope the person who did this understands the severity of it, that someone could’ve gotten hurt.

“Nothing better to do,: they said. “But at the end of the day somebody’s got to pay for it and it’s not going to be them. Everything has consequences. It was a choice to do this, sometimes you make good choices and sometimes you make bad.”

Catterall saying this has made her more mindful about being in public.

“I will be hesitant to sit by the window in a restaurant. It’s like you’re a target,” Catterall said.

The Greenville Police Department says this case is still under investigation and they’re looking for a suspect as of last night. They say if you have any information to contact law enforcement immediately.

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