LEXINGTON, S.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis touched down in the Palmetto state Friday, making his first appearance as a presidential candidate in the Carolinas.

Essentially, South Carolina is a mandatory stop for candidates being first in the south for the Republican Party.

Voting patterns are notorious for foreshadowing who will be the Republican nominee, and DeSantis recognizes it.

Beaufort was his first stop, Lexington his second, and he will finish his S.C.’s portion of the “Great American Comeback Tour” in Greenville. The tour encompasses 12 cities and towns across Iowa, New Hampshire, and now S.C.

During his Lexington speech, DeSantis touched on parental rights in education, fiscal responsibility concerning the debt ceiling deal, and waging war on woke ideology.

“I think what Florida shows is that you can take all these principles and beliefs and values that we hold, you can actually win big victories and institute that as policy,” he said. “Then you see the state is doing better than ever.”

DeSantis also pledged to finish what former President Donald Trump started.

“Our administration will be the administration that finally brings the border issue to a conclusion,” he elaborated. “We are going to shut the border down. We’re going to build a border wall.”

Recent polling in New Hampshire, DeSantis’s last stop, shows Trump still leads with about 40% of the vote.

As for S.C. polls, Trump maintains a heavy lead, with DeSantis following behind.