RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCT) — A report released by NC State Auditor Beth A. Wood slams the town of Robersonville for its management of funds over the past several years.

The 28-page report, which includes a response from the Town of Robersonville, was released Wednesday morning. It lists at least six issues that were found in the investigation:

  • The Town of Robersonville’s Town officials failed to safeguard cash
  • The former Town Manager authorized loans and tuition reimbursement payments without proper authority
  • The former Town Manager overpaid the Retired Town Manager for the reimbursement of his health insurance premiums
  • The Town spent $3,545 on questionable credit card purchases
  • Town officials failed to safeguard Town assets
  • The Town’s required financial statement audits were not completed for the fiscal years ended June 30, 2018, through June 30, 2021.

State officials have been looking into the money management of the Town of Robersonville for several years. North Carolina’s Local Government Commission took over Robersonville’s finances in October of 2020. The state auditor found the town’s finances were in trouble and, a $187,000 deficit after years of problems.

Several services were cut from the town, including its library and recreation department, along with other actions taken during that period. At one time there were at least three pending audits of the town’s accounts from 2018-20.

A letter from the Town of Robersonville to Wood (see page 32 of report) states “The Town Council appreciates the opportunity to respond to the report and understands the findings and recommendations contained in your report. The Town Council and Town Staff plan to take the following actions on the findings and matters for further consideration contained in the report.

“The Town Council accepts the findings and recommendations within the report and is committed to improvement. Council and staff understand the need to work together to regain the public trust and provide quality service to the citizens of our town.”