Today, Governor Roy Cooper along with other state and local leaders came together to celebrate a brand new school in Jones County.

Jones Senior High School and Trenton Elementary School welcomed residents as they celebrated the first new school opening in over 50 years.

The school is the first in our state to run on 100% renewable energy.

The extra energy harvested through the over 2,000 solar panels on the building’s roof is sold back to Duke Energy.

After four years of planning, the $47 million projects is set to welcome over 700 students later this month.

Funding for the school comes from a grant through the NC Education Lottery.

The building contains 41 classrooms, four science labs, four collaboration spaces, and six exploratory classrooms.

Governor Cooper said the school is a model for the renewable energy first mentality all new construction in North Carolina should have.

“We need to make sure that we prepare for a clean energy future. This is the way we’re going to fight climate change. This is the way we’re going to create a lot of jobs for our state. As we build, as we reconstruct and do what we need to do in N.C. it’s important that we keep clean energy in mind,” said Cooper.

If you weren’t able to make it out to the celebration, Jones County will hold tow additional open houses to be sure that every resident has the chance to see the new school.