WINTERVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – One in every 68 children fall on the autism spectrum.

April marks autism awareness month and one school in the east is looking to break a world record for a cause.

A.G. Cox Middle School attempted to break the world record for largest human puzzle piece; the symbol for autism.

The record is currently 548 people.

A.G. Cox says “Guinness Book of World Record” rules state that all participants must wear black and stand in the piece for ten minutes.

Teachers at the school say an opportunity like this makes for a powerful teachable moment.

Adrian Lewis is an 8th grade student with autism.

Lewis is the star of his class and knows it’s a big day for his school.

When I asked him what he thought about his entire school getting involved in this he said, “Yes that’s very cool. I am very excited.”

Lauren Ball is Adrian’s teacher and wanted to start Autism awareness month by making history.

Ball said, “We were doing a lesson with my students about world records and we watched a video of another school breaking a world record and I thought it would be really cool to get them to break the world record and then we figures what better way to do it than to spread autism awareness.”

Students filed in one by one to take their spot in the puzzle piece.

Police officers volunteered by counting each person as they walked in.

The previous world record was set by 548 people in Germany but with over 750 students and staff, A.G. Cox says they’ve got this in the bag.

For other students today means more than breaking records.

Christopher Peele is a 7th grader and said, “It’s important to show that it’s just not the autistic kids that need this but we all need to support them and we need to help show that we really care.”

Ball said, “It kind of brings the school together and we’re all celebrating the same thing. We’re all talking about autism and we’re spreading not just awareness but also acceptance around the school.”

Adrian said breaking a world record means he can do anything.

Ball says they totaled 789 participants which is more than the current record.

Students and staff will have to wait for final approval from world record officials before they can claim the new title.