Students deal with anxiety as school year approaches


In less than two weeks, school districts across the East will return to class.

This is a time when students of all ages can experience high levels of anxiety.

School can be an exciting time, but can also induce large amounts of stress in students of all grade levels.

Social workers in the East say this is something they deal with on a day-to-day basis, with different levels of severity.

Anxiety can be triggered through transitions, the desire for success, or bullying just to name a few.

Experts believe social media also plays a large role in anxiety, whether it’s body image or looking for acceptance.

Schools are combating the issues with councilors, orientations, and training staff on how to help ease anxiety.

Experts believe optimism can be key.

“It just helps to have a positive mind about it,” said Clinical Social Worker, Alicia Woods.

 “Think about the good things that are going to occur in regards to your kids going back to school. What are the pleasant about it and not so much what’s so anxiety provoking about it?”

Some common symptoms of anxiety are mood swings, crying, stomach aches and headaches prior to the start of school.

If you notice your kids are experiencing symptoms more days than not, you may want to seek professional help.

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