GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — The Super Bowl is old enough to be a tradition, and people do the same things year after year to get ready for it, with some changes this year due to the pandemic.

People in Greenville told us they planned to keep things small this year because of COVID-19. That means no or smaller gatherings, but it doesn’t mean they’re giving up all their traditions.

“In the past we always had everyone come to the house and we would do hot wings and all types of finger foods but now, not so much anymore,” said Darlene Sasser of Roper.

“Historically we would go out somewhere with a bunch of people and the game would almost be secondary to the party. This year it’s the game and snacks and making sure to stay safe,” said Tim Webb, a small business owner in Greenville.

Fans also tell us they are excited to hear that healthcare workers got the chance to attend the Super Bowl, describing it as a “much needed break.”