Card reader failure causes seemingly-fraudulent charges at Wendy’s in Plymouth, Swainsboro

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UPDATE: Police in Plymouth and Swainsboro said a card reader failure is causing seemingly-fraudulent charges to appear in the bank accounts of some local Wendy’s customers.

In a statement released Thursday on its Facebook page, Plymouth Police explained,

“If you noticed that your bank account indicates that you ate at Wendy’s multiple times today, and you didn’t, you have not been scammed. Speedway Corporate (owner/operators of the Plymouth Wendy’s) state that a new card reader system that was installed in February, failed to transmit the scanned cards and instead stored them. Once they figured out what happened, they made the necessary changes to the system and now the card information is being transmitted and deducted from your account. If you have any questions, call Speedway security at 800-643-1948.”

Swainsboro Police said they’ve also received similar complaints from customers of the Swainsboro Wendy’s, after a card reader malfunction there also caused the same types of problems as in Plymouth.

Swainsboro Police said that charges made at a local Wendy’s were not the result of a scam.

The Swansboro Police Department said they received multiple calls about charges that were made at a local Wendy’s on Thursday.

According to police, the charges were not the result of a scam.

The corporation had installed a new credit card reader system in April.

The system failed to transmit the scanned cards, police said.

If you have any questions or were incorrectly charged contact Wendy’s Customer Service number at 1-888-624-8140.

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