Swansboro residents helps neighbors in need


Swansboro was hit hard by Hurricane Florence, but now the community, from church groups to town leaders to non-profits are coming together to help those most in need.

“It is completely overwhelming,” said Danielle Abraham, Backpack Friends coordinator. “Driving through our communities, and it looks like a war zone.”

As residents come back to Swansboro, they’ve been surprised by the devastation they encounter.

“We have had folks call, and they get home, and it’s tough,” said Mayor John Davis. “It’s a really tough experience because you’ve been away, and it’s just not what it was when you left. And it’s heartbreaking.”

They have also found themselves in need of food, supplies and help from the town.

“We’re just really trying to help people get back on their feet,” Davis said. “We’ve got folks that have been out of work for almost two weeks now. So how do we help them move forward as well?”

Several church groups have stepped forward to help.

“Jesus not only gave great preachings and great teachings, but he also fed the poor and cared about the broken,” said Tom Tapping, with One Harbor Church. “And so we want to put that on display as well.”

And the town is working to continue to provide everything that their citizens could need for as long as they need it.
It could be a week, could be three weeks, could be a month in terms of how we try to support and take care of our community,” Davis said. 

You can help by bringing donations to the rotary club.

If you need food or supplies, the Swansboro Rotary Club will be open each day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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