Taking ‘Spring Cleaning’ to the digital world


With Spring in full swing, there’s a chance you’re sprucing up your homes for the season.

     Now, some technology experts say you should also take time to clean your digital devices.

     We always use the term ‘Spring Cleaning’ to describe cleaning our houses and rooms, but why not our technology.

     The National Cyber Security Alliance says by doings frequent clean-up’s you can help protect your data and avoid becoming a victim of identity theft.

     One step you can take is making sure you’re keeping a clean machine by having your software up to date.

     Next you can always delete unwanted files and emails and empty your trash bin, freeing up storage on your devices.

     Some experts say the biggest preventative measure is to frequently change and make difficult passwords.

     One technology expert says he sees too many people fall victim to this in the east.

“Some people’s email accounts have gotten hacked and we say,’ well what was your password?’” said Joseph Martin, President of the Carolina IT Group.

“Many people respond with, ‘My password was password 123 or my name 123 or all slower case or some simple password.”

     Martin says making sure all of your apps are up to date is crucial for security reasons.

     He says having old and outdated versions make it easier for hackers to get your passwords and possibly your personal information.

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