FARMVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Residents at a Pine Grove Apartments in Farmville received letters Tuesday with the outcome of grievance hearings held after the apartment complex attempted to evict them.

The families were accused of having a man who is banned from the neighborhood in their homes.

A total of 10 families went to the grievance hearings, and 9 On Your Side can confirm at least three are being evicted.

Neighbors like Shaniqwa Ramos still say they did nothing wrong.

“I was surprised because I thought I would be allowed to stay because I never knew this man,” said Ramos. “Don’t know what he look like.”

Ramos said she will take this to court.

The NAACP is also getting involved.

Reverend Aaron McNair said he is reaching out to local leaders as well Congressman Walter B. Jones.

The tenants must be out within the next two weeks

“What concerns one concerns all,” Jones said. “What concerns one of those persons concerns me, and it is our job to be a voice for those who will not be heard by others.”

McNair also plans to meet again with the executive director of the complex on Monday.

9 On Your Side has reached out to the Farmville Housing Authority to determine the total number of families being evicted.