City of Kinston is ready for Dorian


“We have people in place standing by working. We have had people working on this since last week,” said Mayor Don Hardy, City of Kinston.

The city is shifting into high gear when it comes to storm preparations.

“So now we have double the shifts for police and fire. We are ready to respond we have an emergency preparedness plan in place and we’re ready to respond to whatever may occur” said Mayor Hardy.

It’s a team effort for the City of Kinston and Lenoir County.

“Our Public Services staff out on the roadway to look at our stormwater drains to make sure they are cleaned out taking a look at those places prone to flooding we have folks putting out signs in areas prone to flooding to let people know that again. We’re doing our due diligence and working with Lenoir County Management moving forward to get over this” said Mayor Hardy.

The city plans to keep the line of communication open during the storm to keep you and your family safe. They’ll do that so through television and social media.

“And we will be communicating with our folks our cit county state folks as well on trying to make sure that information is accurate and we know how to get it out to the public,” said Mayor Hardy

Last year Hurricane Florence hit them hard. The Mayor states Kinston is better prepared now for Dorian.

“After Florence, we were better prepared we have more folks at work. We have doubled up on our shifts doubled up on fire crews and have a lot of folks involved now ” said Mayor Hardy

…and now

“It’s about putting in that work and work together and get this thing accomplished,” said Mayor Hardy.

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