GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – COVID-19 is still impacting students across the state of North Carolina. The College Foundation of North Carolina is helping families, students and non-traditional students get back on track in their college and career plans. 

Since COVID-19 has turned a lot of people’s lives upside down, for some students that means their college dreams are on hold. CFNC has seen a decrease in applications and financial aid numbers, especially in economically vulnerable counties. But there’s a push to help students with their college enrollment process by providing free application tools. 

Students can apply and send transcripts to colleges while getting guidance on financial aid opportunities. The group also helps students find what path is right for them. 

“We have assessments on our site to help students find out what skills they possess and how they match up in different careers in North Carolina,” says Brittany Privott, a regional representative for the College Foundation. “Earning potential in their county, what education they’ll need for those careers and to give them a better big picture understanding of what’s really out there for them.”

Counselors are also available to help look at different options like going to a local community college or a four year university. Additionally CFNC has Spanish service reps who are there to help with any speaking Spanish families and students.

FREE College Application Tools Available at