The ENC is trying to beat the heat!


It’s hot… Really hot and for people without homes it can be tough.

“With the heat the way it’s been we decided ok let’s…it’s been this way for the past week we’ve been letting people back in 2oclock that without any extra staff tomorrow and Sunday, of course, will be even hotter and on weekends people leave here at 9 and they come back at 6 so we’ve talked and we gonna let everyone back at noon Saturday and Sunday,” said Bob Williams, Executive Director for Community Crossroads Center.

On average Crossroads serves around 80 people a night but due to the heat, the number is higher.

“That’s what we for I don’t want people who are homeless sitting out there in parks, woods and all that in this heat and that could lead to some really bad medical issues,” said Williams.

When residents check-in and out they receive water to stay cool and hydrated.

Just around the corner at Dream Park are some kids at a Splash Pad.

This water park giving kids something to do during the summer but also beating the heat.

But let’s not forget about our furry friends.

“Remember their wearing a fur coat so they’re a lot warmer than you,” said Dr. Linda Kuhn, East Carolina Veterinary Service.

Dr. Linda Kuhn is a veterinarian. She owns East Carolina Veterinary Service in Greenville.

Dr. Kuhn says walking and playing with your pets is great but with heat like this timing is everything.

“So you want to walk them early in the morning and late in the evening if you have to go out in the middle of the day try to avoid the tar on the road. It’s very very hot. You also just like with you plenty of water and you can even wet down their hair coat to make them cooler before you go outside,” said Dr. Kuhn.

But what if you have an outdoor animal as a pet?

How do you keep them cool?

“And if people have garages that are air-conditioned that’s a great place to bring them in,” said Dr. Kuhn.

If you think our furry friend is reacting to the heat negatively.

“Call your veterinarian or call the emergency clinic put him in the car and wet him down,” Dr. Kuhn.

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