The Lumineers release statement on playing in North Carolina and HB2


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – The Lumineers are scheduled to perform on September 15 at the Koka Booth Amphitheater in Cary, North Carolina.

While multiple musical acts are cancelling their North Carolina shows such as Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, Ringo Starr and Boston, the Lumineers are taking a different route to addressing House Bill 2 and the controversial mandate inside it regarding gender equality.

Here is the official statement from the Lumineers’ website:

North Carolina has been drawing attention for new legislation (HB-2) that overrules LGBT anti-discrimination measures passed by local governments. It excludes sexual orientation and gender identity from the state’s anti-discrimination policy and prevents people from filing employment discrimination lawsuits in state courts.

This all began earlier this year when the city of Charlotte, NC passed a decree expanding North Carolina’s anti-discrimination laws – thus allowing LGBT people protection in places of public accommodation.  The new legislation, passed hastily and controversially, overrules this – and is a sweeping, extreme measure designed to discriminate against marginalized persons.  We encourage a full repeal of this law.

As the Cleopatra World Tour makes its stop in NC during such a controversial time we think it is important to invest in the people and organizations that will make the state a better place.  As such, we will be playing our show on September 15th at the Koka Booth Amphitheater as planned.

We believe that music is a language that connects people globally rather than a medium for close-mindedness.  We all thrive in communities where we can feel safe and welcome.  As a band we are against discrimination of any kind and strive to create community everywhere we go.  Moreover, we have (and love!) our broad and diverse fan base, touring family, staff and circle of friends – and we want all of them to feel safe and welcome at our shows.  It is for these reasons that we are doing the following on SEPT 15: 

1 – All of the profits from our performance at Koka Booth Amphitheater will be donated to EqualityNC and The HRC.

2 – We will provide gender neutral bathrooms at the Amphitheater.

3 – EqualityNC and The HRC will be on site collecting donations and passing out information on what you can do to help fight this discriminatory bill.

4 – A specialty T shirt will be on sale – the proceeds of which will go to Equality NC and The HRC.

And here’s what you can do:

 – Anyone who donates more than $50 to EqualityNC will be eligible for a Soundcheck party and Meet and Greet that evening before the show.

– Educate yourself on the law and it’s repercussions to your friends, community and family.  Go to EqualityNC and The HRC to learn more

Volunteer with Equality NC and The HRC. 

Thanks and we’ll see you out there.

– Wesley, Neyla and Jeremiah –

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