GREENVILLE, NC (WCNT)- “The miracle woman,” that’s what doctors call one local stroke survivor. In honor of Stroke Awareness Month, 9 On Your Side has the story of one lady, who may not be here today, without some groundbreaking technology at Vidant Medical Center.

“They told us she could be a vegetable, very possible, and so we were preparing ourselves for the worst,” Elaine Ellett’s son said.

Now almost a month later after Elaine Ellet’s stroke, it’s a different story. Ellett’s son says this his mom’s progress is the result of dozens of rehab sessions, faith, family, friends, and the help of everyone at Vidant Medical Center…

“It means everything to me, it means a lot to me,” Ellet said.

“The earlier you get to the emergency room, the better off,” ECU Physician Dr. Donald Price said.

Elett is a perfect example of why it’s important to get medical attention immediately.

“The quicker you’re evaluated and the quicker we can make these therapies available, the better your outcome is likely to be,” Dr. Price said.

Ellett should be able to make a full recovery. Vidant now has the capability to treat stroke patients all year round.