The Scullery restaurant continues to raise money for immigration crisis


The Scullery coffeehouse and creamery in Greenville is getting a lot of attention.

Last week they posted a sign in their window on the day of President Donald Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign rally in the East.

The post explained one hundred percent of their sales that Wednesday would be donated to the American Immigration Council in order to help with the immigration crisis at the southern border.

They also wanted to celebrate Greenville’s diverse community.

The Scullery’s co-owner Matt Scully is behind the generosity.

“We wanted to do something that was positive um that would lift up the whole community um and just send a statement of love and positivity on a day that was potentially divisive um and it ended up being divisive unfortunately but it wasn’t our point to make a protest or a statement against the president or to insult anyone,” says Scully.

However, the fundraising efforts received mixed emotions.

Yet, the owners say they were mostly supportive.

“His generosity and his caring for people who um need a lot of caring right now,” says one customer.

Some people who are not on board with the fundraising shared their opposition on the restaurant’s social media pages. 

Scully says it’s unfortunate that people were upset about the fundraiser, but they will continue doing what they feel is right. 

“A lot of them have reached out to me and shared their support and let me know even though we feel differently about some issues that they still care about me and they’ll still support our business you know that feels really good,” he said.

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