RICHLANDS, N.C. (WNCT) – We first brought you the story of an Onslow County woman who was reaching out to get help taking care of her 200 cats one year ago. 

Over the past 12 months, Phyllis Ferrara shares with 9OYS she has been doing much better since then.  

“I’m doing great, the cats doing great, they’re getting the care they needed,” said Ferrara. 

What first started as one cat 10 years ago, slowly turned into over 200. The cat was pregnant when it showed up on Ferrara’s doorstep and when it gave birth to a litter of kittens, those cats eventually bred even more.  

“It just snowballed from there. I mean, once you have two breeding cats, you already lost control,” said Ferrara. 

Ferrara has lost some cats over the last year. What was once 200 living on her property has dropped to about 150. The biggest change was recently when Adoption First Animal Rescue began helping her spay and neuter the cats. She said over 60 are fixed so far. 

“On a Sunday night, I have to trap five cats. Bring them to the clinic on Monday morning,” said Ferrara. “I have to do that three times a week and then they are closed on Friday. So, 15 cats if I can catch all five each night.” 

Phyllis says she ultimately wants to help find some of the cats’ other homes in the future. But for now, she said she’ll continue to take care of the ones she has left.  

“[I want] some of the cats to be adopted, so at least so I can afford to feed them. You know, that’s the hardest part, and vet bills and the food. Because you know how I don’t know how long I’m going to be able to do this,” said Ferrara.  

Ferrara said if people want to help her, they can reach out to Adoption First Animal Rescue to make donations of items she needs to take care of the cats. 

Adoption First said when donating, make sure to state you are specifically donating to Ferrara. You can click here for more information or call the number (910) 290-3795