Town Creek Culvert project on schedule


Greenville Public Works announced the long-awaited reopening of east 5th street for Thursday.

The road has been closed for nearly five months.

This is the latest milestone in the Town Creek Culvert Project which started back in March of last year.

For businesses located in the Cotanche and Reade Circle area, the project is essential.

Just last month, the Bicycle Post along Cotanche Street saw flooding after a storm that caused water to seep through the floor.

“We could still potentially have some flash flooding in the uptown area, in that bowl there where the intersection of Cotanche and Reade is. That’s why we’re doing this project, to address that,” said Brock Letchworth, Greenville City Public Information Officer.

Letchworth said he feels confident about the work that’s been done so far.

“Something this large in your urban core for it to be on schedule is really a testament to the work that’s been done by the contractor and the organization of the public works staff,” said Letchworth.

While the project is on schedule to finish up in 2020, the end couldn’t come soon enough for local businesses.

“We got water in here last time and that was only two weeks ago. So it’s not getting done as quickly as you think,” said Hal Exum, a mechanic at the Bicycle Post.

For now, businesses have to ride out each and every storm.

“If it floods, there ain’t a think I can do about it,” said Exum.

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