Town of Atlantic Beach enforces 1-hour paid parking spaces for the summer


The town of Atlantic Beach has lowered the number of time visitors can park at designated zones. 

Starting on May 11 until August 25, the town is enforcing one-hour parking zones between West Drive and Atlantic Blvd. 

Blue signs labeled ‘1-hour parking only’  have been placed in front of selected parking spaces. 

The signs indicate it is a one-hour parking zone and there are no exceptions. Officials say the rule applies to everyone including those who have a town reentry pass, a season parking sticker, a handicap tag, or a disabled veteran tag. 

1-hour parking’ markings have also been placed on the ground to warn visitors of the parking limit. 

In previous years paid parking was available for more than two hours, but town officials said this will provide a quicker turnover for guests and make it easier to visit Atlantic Beach. 

“It’s nice to be able to visit the business that you’d like to. It’s nice to be able to eat at the restaurant that you’d like to because parking is available so we’re hoping it’ll be a positive impact,” said Morgan Kerns, director of recreation, communications, special events of Atlantic Beach. 

The town added, this implementation will help local businesses. 

“People would park in front of a business and they would pay for 8 hours and be on the beach for 8 hours and it would make it difficult for people to visit,” said Kerns. 

The town has set aside other parking zones that will allow visitors to park for more than an hour. Those will only have a parking lot number and no indication of a time limit. 

Paid parking for all parking zones will be enforced from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. for the summer season.

The funds from the paid parking will go back to Atlantic Beach to improve beach access. 

You can click here for a look at the designated one-hour parking zones. 


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