Town of Parmele mayoral candidates discuss solar farms


In Martin County, a former mayor is running for the position again.

He’s one of two candidates vying for the office in Parmele and there’s one key difference between them.

It involves the solar farm approved in April.

Both mayoral candidates are working to improve the quality of life for the residents of Parmele.

But they have very different opinions when it comes to the new solar farm coming to town.

Jerry McCrary has been mayor of Parmele for four years and is seeking reelection.

He wants to finish town projects like the rehabilitation of the lift station and improving the town’s water and sewer lines.

Henry Wilson served as mayor of Parmele from 1988 to 2001 and wants another shot in office because he’s concerned about the town.

“We have several different projects undergoing in the implementation stage they’re just now actually initiating paperwork is coming down from the state surveys are being done etc.,” said McCrary. So, the actual work is just now starting to happen, so we wanted to make sure we stayed in office run for reelection just to see those projects through.”

“Because the citizens need someone that will respect them and don’t mind doing what they can for the citizens,” said Wilson. Because what’s happening is the citizens say one thing and our mayor goes and does another thing and people are highly upset so in order to get this town back like it should be I decided to go ahead and run because I am concerned about this town.”

Despite the disagreement on the solar farm, both men do agree there is work to be done in Parmele.

That includes improvements to the sewer system and fixing up houses in the town that’s heavily populated with senior citizens.

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