Troopers warn drivers about rising road rage in the East

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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Local law enforcement officers are warning people to look out for drivers with road rage.

This comes after a study by AAA found 80% of drivers admit to getting road rage at least once in the last year with nearly 8 million engaging in extreme road rage.

Troopers say they get a lot of calls for road rage in eastern North Carolina. They say most of what they see is people following too closely, passing in no passing zones, and taking careless chances. However, they say road rage can quickly turn from an annoyance to violence.

Just over a week ago, WNCT reported a road rage incident in Greenville. Police say a man saw someone trying to turn into his lane in front of him, so honked his horn, then the suspect got beside him and shot him three times. GPD has not yet made any arrests.

WNCT reported another incident in Carteret County last month, where video shows a woman getting out of her car, walking to the car in front of her, and attacking the driver. This was an extreme incident of road rage, but troopers say it can happen to anyone.

“They know that they’re going to be traveling distances a lot of times and they need give themselves ample amount of time to get there. So they make take chances and already be a little bit geared up during their drive when something small causes a bad reaction,” said Highway Patrol Trooper Doug Coley.

Troopers say road rage is more common in this area than many might expect, especially with certain drivers.

“You sometimes see younger drivers experience more road rage than some of your older drivers that are more experienced. Some of your younger drivers are often the ones that may take chances,” Trooper Coley said.

Troopers say drivers should not try to handle anything like this on their own. Instead, they should call 911 or *HP. Drivers can give a description of the car and troopers can send someone to check it out.

If someone is tailgating, they urge drivers to go somewhere safe like a police station.

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