Trump likely to face legal challenge if national emergency called over wall


President Trump will likely sign the border security plan that would give him just over $1 billion for 55 miles worth of fencing at the border.

But, Trump is still calling for a wall along the southern border and says he can do it without Congress.

9 On Your Side spoke to a political science professor at ECU to see what the president’s options are.

ECU political science instructor Peter Francia says if Pres. Trump can’t get Congress to approve his wall, his only other option would be call a national emergency, but Francia says if trump went that route, he’d likely be challenged in court.

“There would be question over whether or not this really was a national emergency”, Francia said.

He says it would then be up to the judge to decide.

Francia added, “There is a pretty good chance trump would lose in court and I think he knows that but to him this is a signature campaign promise.”

Francia says it seems like this is a fight President Trump isn’t willing to lose.

“If the court shoots him down, he can at least go back to voters and say i did everything i could to get a wall.”

In 1952, during the Korean War when President Truman found out there wasn’t enough ammunition in Korea, he called a national emergency wanting to seize the steel mills in the US to get and make more ammunition.

He lost that battle in court, Congress said he went too far calling for a national emergency.

President Trump hasn’t said he would officially call for a national emergency yet.

The government is funded through Friday.

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