Hurricane Matthew made landfall in North Carolina on October 8 and 9 two years ago, a heavy-duty rainmaker that brought catastrophic flooding.

Businesses in Beaufort County still remember the damage left behind from Matthew. 

Melissa Cherry has worked as a waitress at Backwater Jacks in Washington for more than 8 years, and she remembers what the storm did to the restaurant.

“The parking lot started flooding,” said Cherry. “We all went home. Next thing you know, we’re out of work for two weeks.”

The hiatus dampened Cherry’s finances, causing bills to pile up and stress levels to peak.

“That does hurt, definitely, especially when you live off of tips,” she said. 

“You find out you got a hurricane coming, and you’re going to be out of work for who knows how long,” she added.

The severe weather takes Cherry back to her very first days in Washington.

“Back in 2011, my first season here, Irene came through, and we were out of work for nine months,” said Cherry. “They had to rebuild the whole entire building.”

Everyone inside Backwater Jacks felt the effects of the storm, and two other workers had to get creative while retrieving their items.

“They had to load everything up on the boat to get it out of their house,” Cherry said.

“It just causes a lot of hard times for everyone,” she added.

Cherry has decided you have to prepare when it comes to dealing with hurricanes.

To combat flood waters, Backwater Jacks has installed concrete to help elevate the building in case of another hurricane.