“Unchain Me” program moves Pitt Co. dogs from the tether to the kennel


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Whether it’s for the day or at a permanent spot, the program “Unchain Me” aims end tethering and move the dog to a fenced in enclosure.

The program is sponsored by Pitt County Animal Services and Pet Food Pantry of Eastern North Carolina.

“So we go out and build a 10 by 20 dog pen,” said Pitt County animal shelter director, Michele Whaley. “We have concrete pavers so that way depending on the weather, there is always a nice, dry area that they can get up on. And we also provide with a new dog house, bowls and treats and so forth.”

This is all thanks to a grant animal services received about a year ago from “Maddie’s Fund” – a fund aimed at bettering the well-being of pets.

“It’s helping our community,” said Whaley. “Giving them a hand up to protect their pet and help it be happy and healthier. We’ve built four to date; we think we can do probably three or four more out of grant money. But we’re hoping we can get donations.”

The hope is to get dogs off a backyard tether which can be a touchy subject filled with mixed opinions.

“Most of these people love their pets and they want to take care of them,” said Whaley. “They don’t feel like they have any other option.”

Pitt County Animal Services wants you to understand that there is no judgment made when applying for the “Unchain Me” program as they understand tethering is sometimes the only option at the time but this program can help fix that.

“It keeps them safe,” said Whaley. “It keeps them safe from other animals or even wildlife and they can’t get away.”

All it takes to get this kennel is an application and requirement to have your dog spayed or neutered, all of which is payed for by the Maddie’s fund grant.

“We do realize in our community, some people may not have any other options,” said Whaley. “So it’s just another program where we can go out into our community and work alongside pet owners to keep that pet safe.”

To fill out an application, click here.

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