UPDATE: Oil spill cleanup complete in Neuse River


According to Roger Dail at Emergency Services, cleanup is complete.

It took all week to soak up the oil out of the water.

Someone originally noticed the leak Monday afternoon as they were walking by on the path and they noticed the water was orange. 

Today, the water looks much clearer.

Although it still looks as if there is some residue left, they have left the “boom” by the spill.

That is the long, white rope which helped soak up the oil.

It’s now placed farther out to avoid any leftover residue.

As for the origin of the leak, Emergency Management said they are not ready to come out and say who caused the spill or what caused it.

We will keep you updated as more information becomes available.


Lenoir County Emergency Services is working up cleaning up an oil spill near Pearson Park.

“There is no danger to the public, none at all,” said Roger Dail, Lenoir County Emergency Services manager. “No fire danger, health hazard of any kind.”
Dail said Lenoir County Emergency Services caught it quickly, and they have deployed a boom, a robe with absorbent pads to soak up the surface oil, plus mitigation trucks.
“It sits there and skims the water off the top of water and just gets the oil and leaves as much water as you can,” said Dail.
They believe it is connected to the oil spill back on March 7 and are searching for the cause. 

The city has been pulling manhole covers to find the direction of the oil flow.
“We think we’ve got it isolated to a particular area of the city,” said Dail. “Now whether its purposely done, not purposely done, we’re not ready to say that yet.”
In the meantime, they will continue to monitor the situation in hopes of no further leakage.
“People really need to be vigilant about what they put in drains and in storm drains as well as sewers and septic tanks and everything else because some of this stuff is hazardous to the environment,” said Dail. 

“We want to come here all the time,” said Ashely Taylor, who goes to the park with her kids. “All of our children come here, so we’d like to keep it clean.”

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