Uptown Greenville prepares for population to double


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Business continues booming in Uptown Greenville and now, the district is making room for thousands more residents.

Just 5 years ago, only 545 people lived in the area. The Boundary doubled that number and caught the national student housing market’s attention. About 1,100 people live in the area now. That number is expected to be about 2,500 by 2019.

“We think that too because there will be new residents downtown, that there will be a call for new services… Pharmacies, grocery stores, things along that line that cater to the residents,” said Uptown Greenville CEO Bianca Shoneman.

City leaders warn residents there will be some more headaches over the next several years to make way for this development.

“The downside to all this construction is we’re literally under construction today, not only including housing but businesses as well as hospitality. As you drive around our city, you’ll see signs and other types of things that prevent people from easily moving about the city,” said City of Greenville Economic Development Manager Roger Johnson.

People are concerned about the future for parking. The city is currently analyzing parking Uptown to see how to best accommodate the growth.

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