CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – The quick flights, tropical beaches, and all-inclusive resorts make Mexico a top tourist destination that some travelers are choosing to avoid.

“I wouldn’t go there; I am sorry, especially after what just happened down there,” traveler John Crew said before boarding a flight at Charlotte Douglas International Airport. “Why go to Mexico?”

Increased violent crimes, including homicides, kidnappings, and carjackings, have prompted U.S. officials to renew travel advisory warnings nationwide.

“I was born in Mexico. So for me,” Fabien Montiel said. “It’s my home.”

Montiel says he has seen the violence first-hand. While he has not visited his home country in more than ten years, some of his family still live there.

“I am torn to pieces inside out, yeah,” Montiel said. “It makes me feel a type of way, but until their government and our government here, until they sit down and figure this situation out, not much is going to happen.”

Days up to spring break, the busiest time of year for Americans to travel to Mexico, the state department advises tourists to reconsider plans or use extra caution.

“So, I have never had anybody not go to Mexico because they were afraid,” owner of Travel Expert Cookie Carney said.

She says parts of Mexico have experienced waves of violence for decades, none of which have prompted her clients to avoid the country altogether.

“You know Mexico is a big country, so they have always had pockets of instability because of drug cartels,” Carney said. “The basic tourist parts in Cancun and the other coast in Cabo, there are very safe places to travel.”

She says when someone is concerned about their safety in Mexico, she recommends staying in an all-inclusive resort and not leaving the property.