Video: Police officers feed young boys found walking alone


ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) A couple of Albuquerque Police officers took on the role of babysitter after they say a man, who was supposed to be watching two boys, got drunk and abandoned them.

It happened Easter Sunday around 6 p.m. The kids were found walking alone along 12th Street near I-40.

A woman took the boys into Walgreen’s to buy them drinks while she waited for police. When officers arrived, she said a man sitting at a nearby bus stop might be the person who was supposed to be watching them.

Lapel video shows what happened when officers arrived.

“Can you tell if he was drunk or anything?” an officer asked the woman.

“Oh yeah,” she said.

As the officers tried to figure out what was going on, the boys told them they hadn’t eaten all day.

“Are you hungry? Do you guys want a happy meal or something?” an officer asked them.

Another officer on scene, a Sergeant, went across the street to McDonald’s to get some food.

Meanwhile, the other cop kept the boys entertained with some toys in the trunk of his unit.

“You guys want to play with army guys?” he asked them.

“Oh yeah we like army guys,” said the older child, who told officers he was 6-years-old.

The two played with the toys outside of Walgreen’s until the Sergeant came back and gives them their Happy Meals.

Meanwhile, a third officer tracked down the man that the woman had mentioned.

“He’s saying he doesn’t know anything about these kids,” the third officer said.

It turns out that’s not true, though. According to police, the man, Jeramy Leuvano, was put in charge of taking care of the boys. Police then drove around the corner to mother Miranda Baca’s apartment.

“We found them kind of wandering the streets,” said an officer to Baca.

“My sons?” Baca gasped, “Oh my God.”

She then gave officers a confusing story about how the kids ended up with Leuvano. After that, police called Baca’s mother – the boys’ grandma – to come pick them up.

Police say Leuvano has been charged with child endangerment and that Baca has received a summons for the same thing. Leuvano has already been released from jail.

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