GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Vidant Medical Center has announced new visitor policy changes that officially went into effect on Aug. 12.

All visitors will be screened and masked and asked to follow entry requirements and a screening process. Click here to read more about the new policy.

Vidant has broken down visitor restrictions by department. All visitors must be screened and masked for the duration of the visit.

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Hospital Inpatient Departments, including Surgical Inpatients – open visiting hours. 1 healthy adult visitor is allowed in the patient’s room unless visiting the café. Visitors may switch out with 1 other healthy adult visitor per day.

Children’s Hospital – open visiting hours. 2 guardians of the child are allowed at the bedside. Sibling visits are not permitted at this time.

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Women’s Center, Labor & Delivery, Maternity – open visiting hours. 1 healthy designated support partner. During the labor process, 1 additional labor support person over 18 years of age is also permitted at the bedside for the duration of labor up until 2 hours post-delivery.

Medical Practices and Outpatient Clinics – Open hours during the time of appointment. 1 healthy adult.

Surgical Outpatient Procedures That Require Sedation or Anesthesia – 1 healthy adult may wait with the patient until that patient proceeds to their pre-surgical or pre-procedure area. Visitor may return at time of discharge.


Emergency Department – No visitors allowed in lobby or waiting areas. Patients who are minors may have 1 healthy adult visitor in lobby or waiting areas. 1 healthy adult visitor allowed once patient is placed in a room. Patient must be a COVID negative to have a visitor.

End-Of-Life – open visiting hours. Screened and masked family members may visit with guidance from care team and should call the unit for guidance.

Inpatient Rehab Facility at Vidant Medical Center – open visiting hours. Visitors may visit with guidance from care team and should call the unit for guidance.

Behavioral Health – No visitors allowed. Ask for unit accommodations regarding virtual visits.

COVID-19 Positive Patients – No visitors allowed. Ask nurse for accommodations regarding virtual visits.

Additional information on the policy change can be found here.