Washington statue beheaded in apparent act of vandalism


The Washington Police Department is investigating after an antique statue along the waterfront was beheaded in an apparent act of vandalism. 

A parks and recreation employee discovered the decapitated statue Tuesday morning and reported it to the police.

The statue has stood in Harding Square for eight years. 

Washington resident Judy Branstetter, who walks her dog in the area several times a week, said she never expected to see something like this in Washington. 

“I don’t think you had that kind of thing here,” said Branstetter. “I am from Southern California, and you see graffiti and that type of thing all the time there. I don’t see that here until now.”

Police said they are looking at surveillance footage from businesses in the area to identify who is responsible for the headless statue. 

“We are in the process of obtaining that footage now, trying to get it off the computers of the business,” said Cpt. Ronnie Watson, Washington Police Department. “We did see what appeared to be a young white male and white female involved with it.”

The historic society is offering a cash reward for anyone that gives them information.

Branstetter said she is disappointed and hopes future acts of vandalism will be prevented.

She said she would like “more police presence, to deter these kids or whoever they are that are doing it.”

Police said they have officers monitor the area regularly, but they usually focus on protecting businesses. 

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