What to do if flash flooding occurs while you’re driving


KINSTON, N.C. (WNCT) — “Anytime that water covers the road, turn around, find some higher ground, find another route, and don’t try to go into it,” said Nick Petro, warning coordination meteorologist for National Weather Service in Raleigh.

This is the best advice he could offer for those driving out and about during a flash flood warning.

“It may take you a while to get where you need to go, but you might not get there in the first place,” said Petro. “Keep that in the back of your mind if you get caught in flood waters.”

Heavy downpour during a thunderstorm can turn deadly.

“If you get caught in an area where the water is rising around you, don’t delay,” says Petro. “Don’t tell yourself, “I’m going to wait to see what happens”.”

Besides staying safe behind the wheel during flash floods, it’s also important for your car after the flood.

“Cars are not designed to go into water,” said Ronald Brown, owner of Brown’s Automotive Service.

“Water that enters in some of the fluid capacity like your transmission, your differentials and all,” said Brown. “It gets in there and maybe several months later until a problem occurs.”

Besides water getting into the system, it can also hide unsafe road conditions.

“There are things that can be floating in the water,” said Brown. “Or under the water that you don’t know about that takes place, it can do some damage to the under carriage.”

Although a simple fact, this can save you money and your life.

“Those warnings are issued for a reason – to advise people to avoided flooded areas.”

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