When is the right time to take down Christmas decorations?


Christmas has come and gone, and many people across the nation will soon be taking down their Christmas decorations but when is the right time to take them down?

Many Christians have marked the end of the Christmas season on the twelfth night known as the eve of the epiphany which is celebrated on January 6.

It’s believed waiting too long after the epiphany will bring bad luck. Others choose to do their holiday clean up the day after Christmas or around new years day.

“Normally my family keeps there’s up until like new years and then they take it down. Some of them leave it up a lot longer than that. I don’t know if that’s traditional. I mean everybody has there own preferences,” said Greenville resident. 

“We take decorations down right the weekend after Christmas, said Yuki Tydall, Greenville resident.

Christmas in River Hills will be on display until January 1. 

Everyone seems to have a completely different answer on when and why take down their decorations. 

It’s a hot topic of debate here at WNCT so of course we wanted to hear your thoughts on the matter.

Steve Paulin said the decorations come down when my wife tells me to take them down.

Wilma Rivera said if i’m the one paying the electricity bill I think I will take it off when ever I feel my holiday spirit is gone.

Kathi Michelle Landis said New Year’s Day or whenever you have help!

Loretta Hacker said the same as when you put them up. Whenever you feel like it!

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