GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Will people pay extra for delivery? Depends on who you ask.

A new report from says 48% of Americans say they would pay more money for drone delivery if it meant getting their products in an hour. The study also revealed the potential convenience associated with drones has strong appeal, as 43% are “not concerned” about drone delivery, and 51% are even “less concerned” about drone delivery if they were able to get products faster.

Among the items people said was the most important stuff to get within an hour:

  • Food – 40%
  • Prescriptions and medications – 38%
  • Batteries – 30%
  • Smartphone, if theirs was lost, stolen or broken – 30%
  • Clothing – 28%
  • COVID tests – 25%
  • Credit card, if lost or stolen – 22%
  • Alcohol – 21%
  • Paycheck – 20%
  • Baby and/or children’s products – 13%

Under half of the people surveyed were “worried” about having packages stolen, yet 63% would pay for shipping insurance, if offered, to cover theft or damage. An additional 52% would pay for a service that offered product protection to ensure that packages didn’t get stolen or damaged.

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