Will summer be as hot and muggy as spring?


Well the official day of summer this past Wednesday, where it arrived at 12:24 am. We call this the summer solstice where the northern hemisphere is closest to the sun and it was the longest day of the year. While the number of daylight hours will slowly tick down, it is the tilt toward the sun that will keep us quite toasty and humid. It was an abnormally warm winter and spring so what does the summer have in store for us?

Let’s start with temperatures. The average temperature for the month of June in ENC is 87 degrees, while July’s average is 90 and August coming in at 88 degrees. If you average those temperatures out you get an average summer temperature of about 88 degrees across the area (coastal areas may be a little cooler in average, hence why we all flock to the beaches when it gets hot). As is the case across ENC, it is not just hot but also humid as we are up against the Atlantic Ocean and plenty of moisture is in the atmosphere as a result. With hot temperatures with an average of 88 and combined high humidity, we could have heat indices (feels like temperatures) regularly in the mid to upper 90s.

The above information is just climate data but what is forecasted outlook for the summer? Well the National Climatology Center suggests that summer temperatures, like winter and spring, will be above average. In fact they are forecasting a 40 percent chance of above average temperatures for the summer. This data would suggest that we are in store for a long, hot and humid summer.

As for precipitation, we’ve certainly seen our share of tropical systems, coastal low pressures and stalled out frontal boundaries to keep us out of drought. Average precipitation for ENC for the month of June is 4.29 inches, for July it’s 5.39 inches and for August it is 6.14 inches. We’ve already seen a wet spring but the forecast is calling for average rainfall this summer. So the forecast will call for a hot and muggy summer with average rainfall. As always, keep it here at WNCT-TV9 and we will keep you informed whatever the forecast.

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