Williamston woman speaks out about mold issues in her home


“I just recorded this a few minutes ago. I’m in my bedroom and this is what I come back to water just pouring down,” said Katina Davenport.

Davenport said she’s had enough after 4 months of a leaking ceiling and moldy roof.

She moved into this home on Peele Street in Williamston in May and she said she’s had these issues ever since.

“When a big rainstorm came to my ceiling leaks every time. I told him about it continuously. He’ll send someone to get it patched up and when it storms again it’s raining in the house again. He’ll do the same thing, get someone to patch it up, a continuous routine instead of having it fixed correctly,” Davenport said.

Davenport said when she moved in her landlord, Earl Newsome covered this issue up, but after 4 months she’s frustrated.

“Last time I spoke to him I stressed the issue. My daughter and I could get sick or even die behind this mold,” she said.

She claims now Newsome ignores her calls and complaints.

“I called the landlord then he didn’t answer. I called him again he didn’t answer. I haven’t heard from him since,” she explains.

Newsome said there is no issue and that he’s waiting to receive a price estimate from a contractor. Newsome did not tell us when he plans to have Davenport’s roof and ceiling fixed.

“In the beginning, I thought he was fine but now I think he’s just out to get money,” said Davenport.

Greenville attorney Lisa Fitzpatrick said there are ways renters can avoid these situations by making sure the lease is fair to both parties.

Davenport is not sure if she wants to break her lease but she says she wants this issue to be fixed.

“Fix the problem because honestly, I can’t afford to move anywhere else. This is a pretty decent price or pays me back what I put in to move here so I can find another place for me and my daughter to stay,” she said.

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