WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WGHP) — Hailley Holcombe is a storyteller of the heart.

“I just want to talk with people and tell their stories,” said Hailley, who you can find in stores and coffee shops around town with her vintage Smith Corona typewriter. “I get to carry my typewriter around, and I get to express myself through my typewriter.”

Forget the greeting cards, through her business, Typewriter Bloom, she holds pop-ups around town to write inspirational greetings and words of encouragement for those special in our lives.

“I also type out what people have come up with themselves, which feels even more special to me,” she said. “They are giving me words they want and expressing from their hearts.”

Each greeting is personal, unique and handmade. 

“As I’m creating and interacting with people, the ideas seem to swim around in my mind,” she said. “Being able to share my words with the world feels pretty transformative and magical and important, so I’m grateful for that.”

You can see Hailley’s work and follow her on Instagram @typewriterbloom