With local vehicle break-ins on the rise, Pitt County Sheriff shares prevention tips


The Pitt County Sheriff’s Office says vehicle break-ins are increasing in neighborhoods across the county, and they’re offering some safety tips to help you avoid becoming a victim of a vehicle break-in.

Here are the vehicle safety tips released Friday by the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office:

1. Don’t leave items such as purses, money, weapons, or other things of value so they are visible to a thief. If you leave such things in your car, hide them well, or the best bet is locking them in the trunk. Of course, not leaving them at all would be even safer,

2. Use motion lighting on your property if possible. Trail cams and even doorbell camera systems can be great for catching any unwelcome visitors.

3. This is the big key that we can’t stress enough! In most cases, if a vehicle is found to be locked the thief simply leaves it alone and moves on to the next house. They want easy targets that are quick and don’t make noise, such as glass breakage and alarms. Very few car break-ins involve locked cars. Yes, even in your own driveway… lock your cars. Yes, even in great neighborhoods… lock your cars. Yes, even if no property is visible through the windows… lock your cars. People will enter unlocked cars just to take one handful of pocket change from your drink holder.

4. Be observant of suspicious individuals and circumstances and don’t hesitate to call us to investigate when something doesn’t seem right. We would much rather on any given day to check someone and find them to be legit than to take a report after someone becomes a victim. Watch out for your neighbors and have them watch out for you. If you’d like to consider forming a Community Watch organization contact us and we will gladly assist you with the process.

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