FRANKLIN, N.C. (WSPA) – A woman who was previously reported missing has now been arrested on charges that she lied about her disappearance and murder.

According to the Franklin Police Department, Margaret Frances “Maggie” Elizabeth Sweeny, 37, was arrested Monday and charged with filing a false report to a police station, falsely reporting death or serious injury by telephone and obstructing law enforcement officers.

According to the police department, Sweeny was reported missing on Friday and officers immediately began investigating due a tip which suggested she was in danger or dead.

She was located safe the following day.

According to the police department an investigation determined Sweeny allegedly made anonymous third party false reports to a friend and the Department of Social Services claiming she had been murdered.

“Sweeney’s actions caused our department, as well as other departments, many hours of work which could have been spent on other matters. Family, friends, and the community as a whole were also very concerned and worried about Sweeney’s welfare,” the department wrote on Facebook.