CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — A multi-million dollar wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against Walmart and the estate of the Chesapeake Walmart shooter.

Attorney Gregory Sandler filed the lawsuit in Chesapeake Circuit Court last Monday on behalf of the estate of Randall Blevins, one of the six people killed in the November 22 shooting. A jury trial has been requested.

The lawsuit lists four separate charges against the estate of the mass shooter:

  • Battery resulting in wrongful death
  • Negligence resulting in wrongful death
  • Gross negligence resulting in wrongful death
  • Willful and wanton negligence resulting in wrongful death

The lawsuit also alleges that Walmart was negligent in failing to fire the shooter after previous comments and behavior, and that the company is responsible for the shooter’s negligent actions (respondeat superior liability).

The suit requests a judgement of at least $5 million in damages on each of the counts listed against the shooter’s estate and Walmart.

The Jan. 23 lawsuit from the Blevins estate comes after several other lawsuits were filed against Walmart by former employees who survived the shooting.