Your Trump Campaign Rally Wrap-Up: Local Republicans, Democrats react


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) President Donald Trump touched down at Pitt-Greenville Airport shortly after 6 p.m. on Wednesday and traveled to East Carolina University.

There, thousands of supporters waited for him to speak in Minges Coliseum.

The president speaking for nearly two hours touching on several topics including the economy, job growth, and immigration.

But it was his remarks about Minnesota Congresswoman IIhan Omar that brought on a controversial chant.

The chant becoming one of the biggest moments from last night’s rally.

The president now responding:

“Well I would say that I was not happy with it I disagree with it but then again I didn’t say it they did,” said President Trump.

“I don’t agree with everything sometimes you get into a heated call heated argument when you get into a chant,” said Gary Weaver, Pitt County Republican Party. But what I will say I support the president 100% on what he said that if you don’t love this country or you don’t support this country then you probably need to leave.”

“I take great pride in Pitt County and in Greenville and I was disappointed that the crowd would react the way they did because what the president said was untrue and they were reacting to in a vicious was to untruth,” said Charles McLawhorn, Democratic Party of Pitt County.

Meanwhile, the president did use the rally to boast about accomplishments in North Carolina.

Saying the state economy is booming due to his work while in office.

Local democrats disagree.

They say it’s because of Governor Roy Cooper.

“Yes thanks to Roy Cooper I do there’s nothing Donald Trump has done the economy was prospered by the Obama administration,” said McLawhorn.

And recently President Trump shared his support for Republicans running for North Carolina Congressional seats, including Dr. Greg Murphy in the 3rd Congressional race.

“I think that just shows that the President of the United States has all the faith in Dr. Murphy,” said Waver.

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