DOVER, N.C. (WNCT) — It’s no secret if you have a pet, they’re family.

A family from Dover knows that special bond with their cat, Jolene. That’s what makes this story about reuniting their four-year-old son with Jolene so special.

“We always be friends. Every day we be friends,” said Boone Granberry, 4.

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The bond between Boone Granberry and Jolene is like no other. 

“She’s a little bit of a coffee color,” Boone said, when asked to describe what Jolene looked like. Boone said he and Jolene love doing all sorts of activities together including playing. You could say they’re inseparable.

Well almost. There was that one time when Jolene went missing …

He always tries to put her in the car and take her with him,” said Matt Granberry, the father of the family.

“We think he was trying to bring her to preschool,” said Jami Granberry, the mother of the family.

Boone said Jolene ‘just hopped right in the car.”

Jolene came along for the ride to preschool. It’s located at Westminster United Methodist Church in Kinston.

“The doors were open and we’re assuming she got out then,” Matt said.

Jolene went missing for two days.

“I thought she was gone. Gone,” Boone said.

Jami said it was on a Friday when she dropped Boone off for preschool. She heard meowing and didn’t think anything of it.

She hopped in the car to head to Greenville. While she was on her way “some of the preschool teachers started posting about a cat in a tree. It was her.”

The post led the Granberrys to make phone calls to see how they could get Jolene down. 

“We were at our last resort. We didn’t know how we were going to get her down,” Jami said.

That’s where Lynwood Riggs, owner of Riggs and Associates Electrical Contractors, came to the rescue.

“Haven’t ever gone and gotten a cat out of a tree with a bucket truck. I can say that,” Riggs said.

Riggs helped rescue Jolene, who was stuck very high up in a tree. Pretty soon, she was on the ground and in the arms of Boone and the Granberrys again.

“It was 20 minutes of my time. That’s not much to give to help a four-year-old child,” Riggs said.

“She rode the whole time in Boone’s lap home. They hung out all night,” Matt said.

It sounds like the perfect ending. The family said they’re happy Jolene is back home. They’re grateful Riggs came out to help them, too.