KINSTON, N.C. (WNCT) — An 11-year-old from North Carolina is no stranger to the big stage. Lizzy Tobell has been playing the drums for nine years.

She doesn’t miss a beat. “It just shows the real me,” she said.

Playing music runs in the family for the 11-year-old.

“It’s always been part of me. My dad played the drums, and I got behind the kit and the drum set, and I just played,” Lizzy said.

Erin Wise is a family friend who has known Lizzy and her family for a while.

“One day, ‘I know how to play the drums.’ She’s four. I said ‘Our band is going to play next week. We’d love for you to join,” said Wise.

“Turns out, she knew how to play drums. At four years old, she was a pretty great drummer. It was mainly just giving her the opportunity to do what she knew how to do,” said family friend Phil Wise.

At four years old, Lizzy was part of the band. 

“We thought she was going to hit like a little snare-off time and just be adorable on the stage. And she came with a whole kit, a little tiny stool, and just rocked the whole song. She just blew us all the way at four years old,” Wise said.

“Two years later, she’s sitting in with all the bands that would come into the venue,” Phil Wise continued. “Everyone wanted to hear her play.”

She’s no stranger to the big stage. Lizzy has been performing on stage for seven years. 

“I love it,” said Tobell.

Musician Clyde Mattocks, said, “She’s as good as any drummer in this part of the country right now. She’ll be playing with a major act by the time she’s 17 or 18.” 

She plays in a couple of bands. One even has her name in it. It’s called ‘Lizzy and Friends.” No matter who she gets on stage with, she fits right in.  

“I’ve stopped thinking of her as a kid drummer, I just think of her as a drummer,” Mattocks said. “She’s just playing with so much more confidence and helping drive and conduct the songs you know, just like all the other musicians that have been playing for 30 years.”    

Tobell said learning from other musicians, practicing and dedication are some things that helped her along the way.

“Practice and showing that you really want to do something,” Tobell said. “And once you can set your mind on it, you can go straight to the moon for it.” 

‘Lizzy and Friends will be playing at Lorraine’s Coffee House and Music in Garner on April 15 at 7:30 p.m.