KINSTON, N.C. (WNCT) — Do you know all the presidents? These second graders do!

Monday was President’s Day. Second-grade students at Moss Hill Elementary School in Kinston showed they not only know all of the presidents, but they can tell you the order they served in office.

“We learned how to sing all the presidents. We learned seven every week. It’s been fun.” said Kinley, a second grader at Moss Hill Elementary School. 

The students said they had been working hard to learn the presidents in song. For the last couple of weeks, they’ve memorized, learned and recited a song about the presidents. In Ms. Valerie Jones’ class on President’s Day, WNCT got to be there to hear the song.

(Courtney Cortright, WNCT photo)

“They are eager to learn. They listen well and you have to practice every day. They did a wonderful job. I’m just so proud of them,” Jones said.

Moss Hill Elementary School Principal Jeremy Barnett said he learned this when he was in second grade and can still remember it.

“It’s important to lay that foundation for them as they get older,” Barnett said. “As they go through the rest of their career in school, this is something they will always be able to take with them.”

Kinley had this advice if you want to learn the presidents.

“It’s easier because of the song,” she said. “Whenever you say it by itself, it’s just, you kind of get mixed up because you’re saying it slower. But whenever you say it a little faster it’s easier to say it. You have to try your best.”

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