Kimberly Little works with children in foster care and has been for the last ten years.

She began as a Family Finder, where she would connect families with children that have been in care and they didn’t know it.

And then she transitioned to a Child Focus Recruiter, where she works hand in hand with each child, finding a forever home for them to call their own.

“There are no perfect children, and there’s no perfect family, but somehow, we can make a perfect match, if they would just open their hearts and give it a chance, “expresses Little.

A second chance actually, for the teens who are facing a difficult road ahead, alone, at no fault of their own.

“The babies aare cute, cuddly, and I love them too, but our older kids need that chance at a family as well, so just take a chance on a teenager,” insists Little.

If we don’t have people stepping up to the plate to become Adoptive Ready parents, and willing to adopt a teen, the results are disturbing.

It puts our youth to face tremendous odds transitioning successfully into adulthood.

Challenges they may face are homelessness, food insecurity, a cycle of low paying jobs, early parenthood, health issues, substance abuse, and sometimes incarceration.

“I just really want a child to know what it’s like to go home, after school, and know that mom and dad are there waiting, no matter what they’ve done. No matter is they had a bad day, good day, mom and dad are there, and they’re not gonna give up on them, ” says Little.

To learn more about how you can become an adoptive ready parent, or to see the teens that are in need of a loving home, click here.