A Loving Home: Educating Families

A Loving Home

WNCT 9 On Your Side is partnering with the Children’s Home Society of North Carolina for an adoption series we’re calling “A Loving Home.”

Every Tuesday at 5 p.m. Anchor Angie Quezada will profile a different child looking for a family to call their own.

There is a special program that Children’s Home Society of North Carolina offers for families across the entire state. It’s a constant support system provided to families and communities in need. The division is called Family Life Education Services.

One man behind the initiative is Walter Johnson, who is determined to make a difference. He has close to 14 years of experience as a professional trainer, a mentor, and family educator. He’s one of the leading voices in the Family Education Services division with CHS.

“We train professionals that work with children in care, and we also work with families themselves,” says Johnson.

The division exists to strengthen families by providing key information.

Johnson explains, “Everything from child development, to discipline, we talk about self-care, that’s a huge one, I actually have the privilege of teaching on father engagement. The importance of father’s being active in children’s lives.”

Johnson says he’s passionate on providing strength, and healing to families in need.

“What I really like about being a professional trainer, when I go into the home, I go into the home, not as the therapist, not as the social worker, but I go in as a support. And the support is not only when things are going wrong…or there are challenges,” Johnson says.

Johnson’s focus is to keep families healthy and prevent normal family stresses from developing into damaging family crises that require expensive interventions. 

Part of the division’s mission in protecting children, is to transform communities to better support parents at all stages of their children’s lives.

Johnson expresses, “We can never minimize the importance of connectedness, and we can never minimize the importance of family. And whatever that looks like to you. But we encourage because we know that strong families build strong communities, and strong communities build a strong world. And we need strength in our world today. “

For more information on this division, you can visit www.CHSNC.org or contact Walter Johnson at 704-785-6753

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