A Loving Home: Family First

A Loving Home

Each child that’s in foster care with Children’s Home Society of North Carolina has a huge support system behind them, hoping to find them a safe, permanent, and loving home. 

With that support team comes several programs; one in particular that focuses on family recruitment before anything. The uniquely designed program serves 100 counties across North Carolina, including right here on the Eastern part of the state. 

Vicki Dithane is a Child Focus Recruiter and believes in this program. 

Well the program I work for, Child Focus Recruitment, we try to exhaust all family connections or options before going general recruitment and there’s a time period set aside for that, but the first part when we’re looking for a family it’s called the “Diligent Search”,” says Dithane.

It’s definitely an intense search.

Whether it be kinfolks, or a school teacher a bus driver a coach, Boy Scout leader, youth director, somebody that’s had an important connection with that child, so we call the resource connections,” explains Dithane.

Although each child is different, they all share the same desire to connect with family.

Adoption Specialist Debbie Perez works with children in foster care and agrees family is always first.

Everybody needs their family. Even if it’s not mom and dad, just somebody relative, cousin, ant, or uncle. Somebody. We just feel that kids do better when they’re in the biological family setting first,” says Perez.

Being able to connect a child with a family member, the feeling is priceless.

“Well that’s, that’s the goal and that’s, that’s the smiling part of my job. It’s the part that really makes me feel good. And it’s been neat to have some of those people keep in contact and, things are still going well it’s exciting,” expresses Dithane.

“It’s just an exciting feeling to know you were a part of that when you’re binding a family together. You just can’t beat that feeling, it gives me chills just thinking about it sometimes, the things that I have been able to do, I’m just blessed to be able to do this job,” agrees Perez.

If you would like to learn more about the program or learn how you can get started in the adoption process, check out CHSNC’s website at www.CHSNC.org

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