(WNCT) You can make a difference on Giving Tuesday by making a donation to the Children’s Home Society of North Carolina.

If adoption or foster care is not in your plans, you can still make a difference in a child’s life.

Close to 17,000 kids were removed from their homes in North Carolina just last year alone. Just by donating $50, it would provide a therapy session for a child in foster care dealing with trauma.

Last year over 500 children aged out of the foster care system, but you can help this year; just $25 can provide transportation for children to the organization’s SAY SO Program, so they have support transitioning into adulthood.

Tiffany Leak, an Intensive Permanency Specialist agrees CHSNC is one of the state’s most important programs.

“Children’s Home Society is a very important agency because we are helping youth that would otherwise have a difficult time or getting out of foster care, or have a long wait to find permanency, find their forever home. These children have the opportunity to have a family connect with them and support them, all the way into their adulthood years, help them go to college, help them be productive members of society, have a place to come back to,” says Leak.

To make a donation today, just visit https://www.chsnc.org/donate/

Your donation can change a child’s life forever.