A Loving Home: Joshua

A Loving Home

Greenville N.C.- (WNCT) — Meet 13 year old Joshua.

He’s a super-talented student athlete.

If he’s not hitting a jumper, he’s scoring high in the classroom.

His favorite subject in school is math, and he really enjoys reading books.

Josh said his faith in God is what inspires him and feeds his ambition, and he hopes this mentality will make one of his dreams come true.

Joshua would love to play college basketball for UNC Chapel Hill as a Tar Heel, and then play professionally for the San Antonio Spurs.

But Joshua says he wants more than just his hoop dreams, he wants a loving home.

“A loving family, that’ll like, we can go play outside, play basketball, and stuff like that,” Joshua said. “We can go to the movies, we can just bond sometimes at home.”

Joshua’s case worker Tiffany Leak said Joshua will be the ideal son.

“”What he’s going to bring is just a lot of fun,” said Leak. “They’re always going to have a game to go to; they’re always going to have a ceremony to go to with Josh; they’re going to be real proud parents.”

Whether it’s college or the pros, Joshua is trying to be a part of a loving team as a son.

Leak said Joshua’s loving home will need a strong support system.

“He would really best benefit from a family that continues to nurture his talents, continue to encourage him; of course show him that unconditional love and on-going support, help him transition into his adult years and become the young man that he wants to become,” said Leak. “Because I see Joshua being a leader amongst leaders. I really do.”

Joshua said he hope to find his family really soon, so he won’t be alone anymore; a family he can joke with and love.

If you’d like to learn more about adopting Joshua, you can call the Children’s Home Society at 1-800-632-1400 or visit the their website at www.chsnc.org

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